Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour

 Ben & Jerry Sign

If you are ever near Waterbury, Vermont, you should stop by the Ben & Jerry’s Factory for a tour and some free ice cream! Every year we head to Vermont for my husband’s family reunion via Waterbury. And, there is no way the kids would ever let us pass it by without stopping!

 The Flavors of Ice CreamThe factory tour is definitely worth it. For only a few dollars you can get a thorough 30 minute tour and a sample one of the latest Ben & Jerry’s flavors! Kids under 12 are free, and the tour, factory, and shop areas are all stroller and wheelchair friendly. The tour guides are super friendly and everyone that works there is happy and nice, just like you would imagine from the cheery, happy image they portray on the Ben & Jerry’s containers! After the tour, you can get more ice cream at the scoop shop and explore the gift shop, which is packed full of fun stuff.



The factory is set in abeautiful location. There are play areas and picnic areas, and a lot to explore. Kids looking through ben and jerry capThey even have a flavor graveyard where they lay all of the old flavors to rest! It is fun to walk around the graveyard and read all of their clever headstones and remember some of the old flavors.

People in Front of Ben and Jerry's Rv

Take a few minutes to explore the grounds and read through their history a little. Ben & Jerry’s is an incredible company and they make somefantastic tasting ice cream! This is a fun stop – definitely worth the detour!