Finding Geodes Near Payson


Geodes on Ground


Just outside of Payson, near Diamond Point, is a great place to collect geodes!  The area is littered with geodes and nodules. I have also heard that you can find blue and white agate in the area.  The area is easily accessible with any vehicle type.


If you are heading to the geode site from Diamond Point, clock almost exactly 8 miles on Forest Road 64 from the intersection of FR 64 and FR 65. If you go too far, you will get to a bridge.  Turn around and head back. The site is exactly one mile east of the bridge.  If you are coming straight from Payson on Hwy 87, keep going north through town about 15 miles until you get to Forest Road 64 on the right. Continue approximately 12 miles on FR 64; the site is 1 mile past the bridge. Geodes2


You can just park along the side of the road.  The road isn’t busy, with only occasional cars driving by. Walk up the hill area to the north and you will find an old road literally covered in geodes and nodules! It’s just a short walk, but it’s not stroller or wheelchair accessible. 


I am not a rock and gem expert, but it was easy and so much fun to find these interesting rocks!  From what I understand, the nodules are just basically geodes that are filled in all the way with quartz. They are all sort of bubbly tan balls.  You have to crack them open to see if there is a cavity, and thereby a geode.  At the site you will see a lot of broken nodules from other people breaking them open right there.


We filled a few bags and buckets and brought them home for the kids to break open.   We saw online that some people tumble the nodules and the geodes and shine them up very nicely.  We don’t have that equipment yet, but it is tempting!  I would give a novice estimate that about 90-95 percent are nodules.  But, we did find a couple of small geodes, which makes the kids VERY excited about collecting and breaking them! I have to admit, it is actually quite fun.  A wet saw would probably make it much easier.


This geode site, near Payson, is a great compliment to Diamond Point.  Both sites are also near the Paleo site, where it is easy to find fossils.  The last time we were up there, we went to the Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery, Rancho Tonto Catch a Trout, the Paleo Site, Diamond Point, the geode site, and crawfishing all in one day!  Payson is a beautiful place! While you can do this all in one day, I would highly recommend making it a weekend!  Check out the Mogollon Rim area, see the sites, and enjoy the cool pines!