Grand Canyon Deer Farm


People enjoying Deer Farm



Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a deer? Well, at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm, about 25 miles west of Flagstaff, Arizona, you can! You can pet and feed their huge assortment of deer that roam throughout their petting zoo.  There are also many other animals that you can get to know.


The Grand Canyon Deer Farm has been around for as long as I can remember.  It can be seen right off the main highway (I-40), outside of Williams. I like stopping there to let the kids out for a break from the car. We usually stay about an hour and a half.  Prices are ok, at about $10 for adults and a little less for kids. Under age 2 are free.  Deer Farm1


You can purchase deer food in a souvenir cup when you pay your entrance. The deer food is a little pricey, but a must for the experience.  I would recommend starting off with one small cup and if you want more, go back for more.  The last time we went, we bought two large cups of food, but after half of one cup, the kids were satisfied. 


I would recommend that if you have small children, you don’t let them hold the food cups.  The deer get so excited and pushy about the food that they knock the cups over and freak out the little kids.  We put a little at a time in the kids’ hands and that worked out great.


There are a lot of other interesting animals and farm animals throughout the farm area.  Many are caged separately and you can’t really pet them because they might bite. But, you can still get up close to them and the kids loved seeing the wallabies, llamas, bison, mini donkey, goats, monkeys,   “Santa’s reindeer,” and many more.

 Feeding the Deer

They have a nice little gift shop at the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  There are some interesting items and the standard touristy souvenirs.  There are bathrooms inside the gift shop.


Even if you don’t have kids, this is a neat stop. How many times in life do you get to actually hand feed Bambi? It’s a great stop on the way to Williams, Bearizona, or the Grand Canyon.  Bearizona is right down I-40 from the Deer Farm, and the Grand Canyon is 60 miles north.  




You can find the Grand Canyon Deer Farm & Petting Zoo at:

6769 E. Deer Farm Rd.

Williams, AZ  86046



Hours of Operation are:

January 1 – March 15------ 10am to 5pm

March 16 –October 15---- 9am to 6pm

October 16 – December 31--- 10am to 5pm

(Winter hours are weather permitting, and they are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)