LaJolla Children’s Pool/Beach

Lajolla Childrens Pool

Children’s Pool is a neat little beach in a cove protected by breakwater.  It was originally made in the early 1900’s for children to be able to swim in a safer area. However, over the years the seals have noticed what a nice, protected area it is and have started hanging out and having babies there! Seals at Lajolla

We took a walk out onto the breakwater to take pictures of the area and the seals. It was absolutely beautiful. We even got splashed as the waves were breaking against the wall, which, of course, the kids loved!  It was really neat to see the seals up close in nature.  We were able to observe them at a safe distance from both the breakwater and the beach.

End of the PierThere seems to be a huge controversy over whether the seals or the humans should have the beach to themselves.  Personally, I think it can be shared. But, after doing some research, I did learn that the water is unsafe for swimming due to the fact that the seals use the area as their personal bathroom.  We did see some people swimming, but I didn’t see any reason to risk it. I also don’t see any reason to disturb the seals or endanger myself or my kids (seals do bite), and there are plenty of beaches for swimming in San Diego. We were there to enjoy the view and see the seals!Seals2

This is a great place to see seals up close and observe their natural behaviors! Check it out if you are near LaJolla! 

People enjoying the beachFrom the north, take I-5 to La Jolla Village Drive west. Turn left on Torrey Pines Road. Turn right at Prospect Street, bearing right on Coast Boulevard. From the south, take I-5 north to Ardath Road and stay on this road until it turns into Torrey Pines Road. Take Torrey Pines Road to Prospect Street and turn right. Veer right on Coast Boulevard.

The parking is fairly difficult because there are limited street spots and only a few tiny lots. Be patient and keep circling and you will snag a spot! I wouldn’t recommend bringing an RV or large trailer, since the chances of finding a spot are slim and the streets are tight. We took our big van though, and found a spot no problem!