Maple Lane Wildlife Farm

Maple Lane Wildlife Farm Sign

If you are ever in Northern Indiana, near Shipshewana, you should take a few hours and check out Maple Lane Wildlife Farm.  The farm is run by a super nice Amish family on their family land. According to one of the daughters, their father started bringing home interesting birds and animals, and then it grew. Now they house exotics and farm animals that were either domestically born or rescued.  The prices are very reasonable and they have food to purchase so that you can feed the animals. Boy Feeding Goats


Our kids really enjoyed feeding the animals.  We ended up buying more food because they liked it so much.  They have feeder tubes that you can drop the food in, when feeding the more dangerous animals.  Other animals, like goats, deer, ponies, can be hand fed.  It was fun feeding the excited little coyote and foxes, as well as bears, tigers, lions, and many other large cats.  They even had camels, llamas, alligators, exotic birds, deer, ostrich, emus, monkeys, elk, and an adorable baby zebra, as well as numerous farm animals. Camel


They offer camel rides, pony rides, and a pony cart ride. They also have a nice, shady picnic area and playground. Besides the feed, you can buy t-shirts or other souvenirs. They don’t have any food available for humans to eat, but they did have water and sodas available for purchase, and you can bring your own coolers and sit in their picnic area. They also have port-a-potties available.


They have a large sign along the road that says “Maple Lane Wildlife Farm.”  However, it is easy to miss the entrance.  The entrance is just down the lane, by the farm house.  Bring cash, since I’m not sure that they take credit.  It is not a high tech place, which adds to the appeal! People looking at animals




Adults will enjoy the tranquility of a visit, as much as the children will enjoy the animals!


And, while you are in the area, check out the quaint town of Topeka. We ate a wonderful early dinner at a little restaurant called “Tiffany’s” that the Maple Lane family recommended. People Looking at Tigers






Pony Cart RideMaple Lane Wildlife Farm

1843 W Lake St, Topeka, IN 46571