Old Country Store

Old Counrty Store

The Old Country Store and Museum, Moultonborough, New Hampshire.

If you are in the vicinity of Moultonborough, New Hampshire, you should definitely take the time to see the Old Country Store and Museum.   The scenic drive and the beautiful surrounding area is worth the trip itself. But, the Old Country Store and Museum is a treasure full of history and fun.

Inside Store 1

The store is fun to wander around and explore.  It is packed full of fun items stashed in off-shoot rooms and nooks throughout the store. You can find old-fashioned items and brand new items like cookbooks, clothes, collectibles, toys, maple products, pickles, books, candles, maps,  and even penny candy! 

If shopping isn’t your thing, take a step back in time and explore the FREE museum upstairs.  It is full of fascinating artifacts and information. A lot of the items in the museum were donated by people in the community.  Take some time to look at all the goodies in detail. After all, it’s free! Inside Store 2

The store’s literature states that they are “Perhaps the oldest in the U.S., a store since 1781.”  I love seeing places like this and getting a feel for this time period.  It is amazing to think that this building stood in the same spot during such unrest and change in the United States. There are a lot of old buildings in the U.S., but there very few that have been in continuous operation as a store, which makes this really neat.

Inside Store 3

Just a note – this store is super cool, but not very stroller accessible.  There are several areas with steps, including the old, narrow ones that go up to the museum. It’s also a bit crowded so the kids would be able to grab stuff easily. We managed fine just carrying them and holding hands! And, the promise of penny candy at the end was enough to keep everyone well-behaved!

Old Out House














The Old Country Store and Museum

1011 Whittier Hwy., Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Hours: (as quoted by them)

9-9 Summer

10-5 When it’s “really cold”

9-6 The rest of the time


Out Front of the Old Country Store