Prescott Court House

Prescott, AZ is one of our favorite places to visit.  It is full of charm, beauty, and opportunities to explore.  It has the old time Western charm and the modern amenities that make it a great destination choice. The weather is great and the views are spectacular.  We love getting away from the heat of Phoenix in the summer, and experiencing cooler weather in the winter.

Grama's Bakery

The educational aspect of Prescott is outstanding. Prescott was the territorial capital and can boast many famous (and infamous) residents like the Earps, Doc Holiday, Big Nose Kate, John Freemont, Buckey O’Neill, Sharlot Hall, and many, many more.  The Pippen Museum and the Sharlot Hall Museum are worth visiting.  The Sharlot Hall Museum has re-constructed buildings you can wander through and artifacts that are very interesting.  The history of Prescott is full of educational opportunities.

Garden at Sherlot Hall Museum






The Prescott Courthouse is at the center of town and is surrounded by a beautiful grass and tree area.  No matter what time of year you go, there are always people enjoying this beautiful area. The Courthouse area is surrounded by the historic district, with old homes and interesting shops.  Across from the Courthouse, on Montezuma Street (and Gurley) is the famous Whiskey Row, which was a red light district until the 1950’s.  There are so many interesting stories surrounding Whiskey Row.  And, the buildings have been maintained beautifully.

Palace Saloon

We love eating at the Palace Saloon on Whiskey Row.  It is filled with memorabilia, pictures, and old western charm.  The food is good and the atmosphere is awesome.  The original wooden bar is still in-use. The story goes that during the fire of 1900, which destroyed much of the area, the patrons carried the wooden bar and alcohol across the street to where the courthouse is. From there they drank and watched the fire burn.  Many times they have people in old west character playing the old piano.  There is a bar above the Restaurant which boasts the only patio seating overlooking Whiskey Row.  I have never been up there (because we always have our kids with us) but it looks awesome!

There are many famous hotels right downtown: The St. Michael Hotel, Hotel Vendome, and The Hassayampa Inn.  Some claim to be haunted with resident ghosts! Just that alone makes me want to stay there! I love hotels with character!  But, unfortunately, when we make plans, it is usually last minute and they are booked.  So, several times we have stayed at the Motel 6 on Sheldon St.  For about $45 a night, you can get a small room with 2 double beds or 1 queen.  We have been more than happy with them.  I would rather spend my money on adventures than hotels.  But, it is clean and close to pretty much everywhere.

Try the Waffle Iron Restaurant if you are looking for food between 6am and 2pm.  They have delicious waffles and other breakfast fare, as well as burgers and sandwiches.  It has an old-time, small town charm too, which makes it my choice over a boring Denny’s any day!

Prescott is considered “Arizona’s Christmas City.”  There are tons of events and things to see during the Holiday season.

We love all things Christmas, so we had a blast at the Prescott annual Christmas parade and Courthouse lighting. I would highly recommend it!  The parade was during the day and was a true hometown parade with floats, bands, and great fun!  When we were there it snowed during the parade! It was absolutely beautiful.  The Courthouse lighting is fantastic too.  They even hand out caroling song books! The kids go up on the steps and sing songs as they tell the story of Christmas, then they flip a switch and it all lights up like magic.  It really gets you in the Christmas spirit.  From what I understand, it is the first Saturday in December every year.  Check out the city website to make sure of the date. It is a worthwhile event for sure!